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Bona Fide® Craft Draft is Cold Coffee done correctly.

Masterfully prepared, infused with nitrogen, Served “On Tap”.

Our process captures all the flavors and aromatics aficionados LOVE.

Preservatives Free!


Roasted & Brewed for your pleasure in Goleta, California

Our Nitro Coffee in Kegs

These flavors are for a our Distribution Program, please contact us for more information.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Organic

The Classic, floral, smooth, toasted coconut balanced with crisp citrus notes, unusually complex, delicate, sweet and elegant finish. This coffee is named after the town located about 1,900 meters above sea level in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia.


Peru Organic

Smooth, caramel, whipped cream start, notes of cookies and pecan pie with a classic medium roast coffee finish. Wet processed and sun dried.


Guatemala Organic

Creamy, notes of cilantro and lime, medium body, smooth, notes of honey with a nice fruity finish.



Hair Raiser® Organic

AWARD winning French roast blend, complex, big mouth feel, semi-sweet dark chocolate finish. Impressive character with a tickle of pineapple, Our signature super-dark-roasted blend is sourced from Africa & Indonesia, it shouts out verve and attitude!


100% Kona Extra Fancy

The Cadillac of coffee. Sweet and fruity, with plenty of plum notes and the lingering background flavors of brown sugar and macadamia nuts. This authentic, delicious and 100% USA grown nitro brew will impress your palate.


Sweet Nitro Latte

Distinctive and delicious – Organic Dark Roast Coffee, Sugar & Milk. Heavenly flavor, think creamy, thick, dulce de leche goodness. Perfect with desserts or with breakfast or late night fare. Inspired by classic vietnamese style coffee.



Ask about our sustainable, refillable growler program!

Our Nitro Tea

Organic Hibiscus Tea

Tangy Caffeine free Organic elixir, deep ruby color with High Vitamin C. Not only is hibiscus tea a calming, delicious, versatile beverage, it has a reputation as a beneficial healing tea. Modestly Sweetened with Organic Stevia.


Mango Tea

A masterful blend of orange pekoe tea, calendula flowers infused with mango essence. This unique, refreshing, nitro beverage stands alone or pairs well with lunch and bistro fare.


Passion Fruit Tea

The exotic flavor and fragrance of fresh, ripe passion fruit complements orange pekoe tea. blended with calendula and Rose flowers and infused with passion fruit natural & artificial flavoring.


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PET Keg Hibiscuis Tea

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PET Keg Organic Guatemala

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PET Keg Kona Extra Fancy

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