Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you do not see the answers to your questions here, feel free to contact us and one of our team members will help you out. Please know that as your fellow coffee and tea aficionados, it is our desire to assist you in finding the best overall solution for your specific situation. 🙂


Most Frequently Ask Questions About Cold Brew Nitro Coffee

Can Bona Fide Brew with coffee provided by us, or just their coffee?
  • Bona Fide can do either. Send us your coffee in whole bean form, or we can source from one of our specialty roaster partners for you.
Does Bona Fide offer flavored coffee kegs?
  • Bona Fide has no flavored coffees in our house SKUs. However, we can do flavored coffee sourced as stated above.
Does refrigerated storage in help extend any shelf-life?
  • Yes, refrigeration effectively increases shelf life. It also allows for the kegs to be cold and ready to serve when using ordinary keg coolers for dispensing.
  • 40 (2 tiers of 20) kegs regardless of material, fit on a pallet. Empty steel kegs can be returned in 3 tiers of 20 (60 kegs total) with some special provisions. Please inquire with us prior to shipping back your empty steel kegs.
  • Yes, Bona Fide brews Nitro Tea. House SKUs are Passion Fruit, Hibiscus and Mango. However we can source several other flavors with reasonable minimums.
What are the branding requirements? Does Bona Fide allow our branding or theirs?
  • Bona Fide is a brewing technology brand, we keg coffee from numerous different Roasters. We can help source the coffee for you or work with beans provided by you, the customer. We call this co-branding program our Bona Fide Alliance. We can assist you with sourcing custom keg collars and tap handles too.


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Here is a link to a podcast that answers these questions (10 minutes)
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  • You refer to your Nitro Coffee as “Wine of the Bean”, what does that mean?
  • What makes Bona Fide Nitro Coffee different than other brands?
  • I see you your website you say the ‘Hot Nitro is a disruptive innovation”, why is that?
  • You claim up to 50% reduction in coffee waste and reduced labor, how is that possible?
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