Nitro Coffee has never been easier!
We produce, we install, we deliver, we maintain.
Bona Fide is your nitro coffee and tea solution!


Bona Fide flows with the natural EVOLUTION of society!

We fulfill MODERN expectations of sophisticated taste and convenience.

Cowboy coffee is a thing of the past.  NITRO IS NOW!



Bona Fide Kegs can ship and store ambient for up to 30 days.

Great TASTING pours from first tap to last drop!

90 day cold stability GUARANTEED.



Bona Fide offers the widest VARIETY of kegged nitro products available from one vendor.

Each has been developed to DELIGHT the tastebuds of your customers!

Every keg is made with our AWARD WINNING stability for lasting freshness.



EASY to serve! Just pull the tap handle and enjoy!

SAVE time, labor and space in your place.

No old, standing coffee to pour out and no messy PREPARATION!



FREE Keg Cooler and instalation, FREE N2 Gas.

FREE Delivery, FREE Cups, FREE POS.

*With our DSD program in CA only.



DIRECT STORE DELIVERY (DSD) in CA and select markets.

PET kegs SHIP UPS, Available on Amazon.

Bona Fide ALLIANCE Nitro Kegging Service for Coffee Roasters and Industry Partners.



Serve Nitro Coffee NOW!

Are you ready? Give us a call or fill our online request form. We will be in touch with you to discuss and program your installation.


Do You Want to Know More about Us?

Click here and feel free to navigate through our website which contains lot of information about us, praises from our customers, our relationship with nature, our sustainability values and our commitment with our customers to create the absolute best Nitro Coffee and Tea on Tap.




“Very exciting times! It gives us confidence knowing what comes out of the kegs is the best out there. We’ve all been doing competitive tastings and some with customers. A taste goes a long way in converting someone. So many wonderful micro and macro coffee roasters make kegged nitro coffee that is undrinkable. Just because they can do it doesn’t mean they should do it.”

John Gozbekian VP of Operations & Coffee Buyer, CULT Coffee

“Bona Fide is a game changer ! No more bitter cowboy coffee tears for us. We kept eight thousand people happily caffeinated for 136 hours straight and never had to deal with an airpot or even grind any coffee. Bona Fide your my hero! I’ll never go back to old-school coffee preparation now that I have Bona Fide nitro in my quiver.”

Chef Gage, Founder of Collision Cuisine & former Chef at the Chopra Center for Well Being in La Jolla, CA

Disruptive innovation is often defined as the kind of innovation that creates new markets. Bona Fide Fair Trade Certified, Organic Craft Draft Coffee “On Tap” has certainly been such an innovation — and since its introduction on campus it has been received with incredible enthusiasm by students and staff. Our coffee sales have seen exponential growth and are Carbon footprint has been reduced. Win-Win-Win!

Thanks Bona Fide

Alena Cable, Santa Barbara City College, Food Service Manager

“We are very excited to get into our second year with Bona Fide Brewing Company.  As a business, they have such a high ethic that we are now migrating all coffee and tea products to them.  Their products have thus far been unparalleled for taste, appearance, satisfaction and (most importantly) value.

Having the innovative new keg delivery system helps keep us as forefront as possible with cutting edge food trends and delivers a quality product that is second to none.  It is so good that we have to battle our employees to stop drinking too much before we open the doors (the keg coffee has ruined me for any other cold or iced coffee).  We want to try to get the coffee in the same tap area as our beers some time this year because we think that customer will really enjoy this unique option. Our opinion is that their products and services are an integral part of our concessions mix and we think that by providing a well-rounded coffee and tea product from Bona Fide we’ll increase our sales and have happier customers.

Eric Shiflett, Program Director, Santa Barbara Bowl