Nitro Coffee Distributors and Wholesale Coffee Keg Suppliers

BONA FIDE BREWING COMPANY uses professional office coffee distributors and wholesale beverage suppliers to provide nitrogen infused coffee and tea in kegs to businesses, coffee bars, food service outlets, and stadiums.


There are 3 ways to buy our nitro coffee kegs from us

Third Party Nitro Coffee Keg Distributors

Bona Fide Alliance Partners - Private Label Keg Service for Roasters


Nitro Coffee in Pet Kegs for offices, home and shops in our eshop Bona Fide


The following products can be purchased directly from our WebStore in Petainer ® PET disposable kegs and arrive quickly to your home or business via UPS.

Keg Distribution of Nitro Coffee and Tea by Office Coffee Distributors and Beverage Suppliers


Coffee distrbutors deliver coffee kegs done by Bona Fide


Currently available in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado markets, Bona Fide’s turnkey, on-premise, direct-store-delivery (DSD) solution solves the problem for large office customers and independent food and beverage retailers. The DSD route sales, service and delivery is performed by our Nitro Office Coffee Distributor and Beverage Supplier Partners.

Since we want to make it as easy as possible for you to serve nitro coffee and tea on tap, we take all of the barriers to start pouring away.

The following is included with the DSD program:

  • Low keg price includes everything you need, plus FREE delivery, FREE on-premise tap line maintenance,
  • Nitrogen gas delivery, 12 & 16oz clear cups, FREE Point-of-Sale signage
  • Low-cost draft dispenser rental and lease to own programs.
  • Suggested MSRP is $4.00/$5.00 for 12oz/16oz Cup (10oz/ 13.3oz pour, Average food cost is 15 cents per oz.
  • For resellers, each keg generates $250+ in net revenue. That's 60%+ GP with negligible labor
  • Sales Volume of 1 keg/day = $7500/month in incremental revenue with a minimal capital outlay
  • Low risk, easy to implement and serve - ZERO wasted product and 90-day nitro coffee keg stability.
  • No keg deposits - no hassles
  • Dispensing equipment models to fit your needs



Our Coffee Distributor Partners



Bona Fide Nitro Coffee and Tea Brewing Company contracts with established Office Coffee Service Operators (OCS) Food Service Distributors (FS) and Keg Distributors to provide final mile delivery, service and execution and support of our award-winning coffee and tea products. We believe that the most responsive, dependable service, training, and equipment installation often comes from local professionals who understand the unique customer needs in the area where they are established. By collaborating with the companies listed below, we aim to exceed each customer’s individual expectations.

Many of our products are available from the following office coffee distributors in the geographic areas listed. You may contact them directly or contact us and we will facilitate an introduction.

Caribbean Coffee Company

Full DSD partner with complete product line and services

Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties


Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, Reno, San Jose, and Northern California areas

Kombucha on Tap

San Diego, Orange County, and select  Southern California areas

Frankly Good Coffee

Las Vegas, Nevada

Marin Kombucha

Santa Rosa, Chigaco, Marin County, San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay, Sonoma, Napa

Cult Artisan Beverage Company

Phoenix AZ

Black Rock Beverage

Greater Denver, CO area

Bona Fide Alliance


Coffee kegs created with your coffee beans by Bona Fide


The Bona Fide Alliance Craft Draft keg brewing service is a collaboration between our brewery and quality minded roasters and brand owners wanting to serve great tasting nitro coffee, without the mess and liability of trying to produce it themselves.

We have alliance partnership with several companies. We facilitate their brands, large or small, to enter into the rapidly growing on-tap nitro coffee market by leveraging our knowledge and resources with their brand and product to create a trifecta win.

Some of the trusted coffee/tea brands we work with are listed below.  Some of these nitro coffees and teas are available directly from us or through our coffee distributor network. If you are interested in pouring these (or other) brands, contact us and we will facilitate an introduction and help you learn about integration options.

If you are interested in our Bona Fide Craft Draft brewing service for your own brand or a product that you work with, we can produce an R&D sample for you to taste, badge it with your brand on the keg collar and the tap handle. Contact us for a customized quote and an explanation of terms, guidelines, and options. Mention “Bona Fide Alliance” in the description.

Some of our Alliance Partners are:

    Caribbean Coffee Company – Santa Barbara, CA

    Cult Coffee – Phoenix, AZ

    INK! Coffee – Denver, CO

Thanksgiving Coffee – Ft. Bragg, CA

    Vail Mountain Coffee – Vail, CO

    10 Speed Coffee – Calabasas, CA

Menotti’s Coffee – Venice, CA

Dune Coffee Roasters – Santa Barbara, CA

Luna Gourmet Coffee & Tea – Denver, CO

Blind Dog Coffee – Gardnerville, NV