The Best Draft Nitro Coffee And Nitro Tea For Home, 

Offices, Cafes And Restaurants

Nitro Coffee Distributors and Wholesale Coffee Keg Suppliers

Enjoy the Best Nitro Cold Brew Ever Concocted! 

Would you like to serve draft nitro coffee to your customers?


What about having your own brand of nitro coffee or tea pouring on tap at your own stores as well as at your wholesale locations?


Serving fresh, creamy, nitro beverages to your customers puts you on par with the best coffee brands in the world. More importantly it can become an important profit center in your business.


Nitrogen-infused coffee is growing more popular by the minute!

Bona Fide makes it easy for you to implement a nitro coffee and tea program for both retail and wholesale applications.


Bona Fide Brewing Company is a leading nitro coffee distributor and wholesale coffee keg supplier for businesses, coffee bars, food service, outlets, and stadiums.

We understand that it can be challenging to implement new products and stay competitive, while finding vendors who can and support you. Since our founding we have made it a priority to be experts in our field. We have helped numerous businesses simplify their draft equipment program, improve the taste and quality of their nitro product offering and save time and money by working with our industry leading shelf stable kegs that require no refrigeration.

There are 3 ways to buy our nitro coffee kegs from us

Nitro Coffee in Pet Kegs for offices, home and shops in our eshop Bona Fide

Nitro Coffee and Tea Webstore

Our one-way, recyclable, 5 gallon nitro coffee and tea kegs, are available in several different coffee and tea flavors and varieties 

The containers themselves are constructed from PET (similar to a large soft drink container) and are lighter than steel beer kegs.

PET kegs are easy to exchange from the tap line and require less handling because once they are empty, they can be disposed in recycling and need not to be returned to the supplier.

PET kegs are suitable for coffee shop owners, small offices, homes and businesses who want to serve the best tasting, rich, creamy, nitro coffee and tea with the least amount of effort.

The button below will direct you to our web store where you may choose from several flavors and varieties of nitro coffee and tea. 

Checkout is fast and easy. Keg delivery to homes, offices and businesses is made nationwide via UPS. 

Keg Distribution of Nitro Coffee and
Tea by Office Coffee Distributors and Beverage Suppliers

Are you looking for a seamless way to get your nitro cold brew keg on a recurring schedule?

For both professional office/ business customers as well as food and beverage outlets, our distribution partners have you covered.

We can make it easier for you to serve nitro coffee and tea on tap by aligning you with one of our distributors who will restock your supplies and do the heavy lifting!

Most distribution partners offer equipment, maintenance and training as well as delivering kegs of product.

Our distribution network is growing weekly and we work with distributors in several States. For the most updated information please fill out our contact form at the button below.

Coffee distrbutors deliver coffee kegs done by Bona Fide


         Common Considerations For A Successful NITRO Program

  • What about finished food cost?
  • What dispensing equipment models exist fit my application?
  • What about help in choosing the ideal dispense equipment?
  • Are purchase, rental and lease-to-own programs available?
  • What keg configuration do I need & how about the size?
  • Are the kegs I use, food safe, Sankey-D type kegs?
  • What about delivery?
  • Will the supplier resolve everything I need, or help me find it?
  • How about routine and on-premise tap line cleaning?
  • Nitrogen gas supply/ delivery, is it available if I need it?
  • Can I expect help with Point-of-Sale signage and marketing?
  • Do I need to source beverage cups and other incidentals myself?
  • Quality: Does the nitro coffee/ tea taste fresh and fantastic?
  • Is it easy easy to serve with ZERO waste and long shelf stability?
  • How long can I expect the finished shelf life to really be?
  • Are there keg deposits, extra charges or fines for lost keg shells?
  • Is HOT NITRO available and is it a consideration for my operation?

If this list seem long and overwhelming, fear not, Bona Fide will assist you to resolve ALL of your questions and align you with the best solutions.

In the mean time, here are some important KEY METRICS

Suggested MSRP for Nitro Beverages is $5.00 - $6.00 for 12oz - 16oz Cup (10oz -13oz pour). Approximate food cost is 20 cents per oz.

For resellers, each keg can generate around $250+ in net revenue (60%+ Gross Profit) with less labor than most coffee & tea beverages.

Sales Volume of 1 keg/day can translate into $7500/month in incremental revenue ....with a minimal capital outlay!

Bona Fide Brewing Company Nitro products

Our Coffee Distributor Partners

Bona Fide Nitro Coffee and Tea Brewing Company contracts with established Office Coffee Service Operators (OCS) Food Service Distributors (FS) and Keg Distributors to provide final mile delivery, service, execution, and support of our award-winning coffee and tea products. 

We believe that the most responsive, dependable service, training, and equipment installation often comes from local professionals who understand the unique customer needs in the area where they are established. By collaborating with the companies listed below, we aim to exceed each customer’s individual expectations.

Many of our products are available from the distributors in the geographic areas listed below. You may contact them directly or contact us and we will facilitate an introduction. Also, please know that this is not an exhaustive list. Our distributor list is constantly growing. It is not uncommon for a customer to start pouring by ordering a dispenser and kegs off of our webstore and then transition to a distributor a short time later. Please contact us for latest distributor recommendations in your area.

National Distribution:
Blue Tiger Coffee USA,
Canteen Vending Services
Western US Distributors: 
First Choice Coffee Services, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington state.
KegForce which serves San Francisco, Sacramento, and Northern California areas. 
Kombucha on Tap, covering San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and select Southern California areas. 
Milone Coffee, Modesto and Central CA area.  
Frankly Good Coffee covers Las Vegas, Nevada.
Marin Kombucha serves Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area and Napa Valley. 
Cult Artisan Beverage Company covers greater Phoenix and Tucson Arizona
Denver Beverage serve Greater Denver and Central Colorado

Central US: 
Premium Products Group, service in and around Chicago, Milwaukee, Houston, Dallas and Minneapolis.

Eastern US:
JPJ Distributing, service to Massachusetts and New England


  • Our distributor list is always growing, 
  • Please contact us for current distributor recommendations or to carry our kegs

Splendid, Luxurious, Smooth & Velvety!

Such are the words some of our Alliance Partners use to describe Bona Fide Nitro Coffee prepared with coffee and tea supplied by them!

Bona Fide Alliance - Co-branded, Private Label Kegs Production

Would you like to have your own brand of coffee or tea prepared in our kegs?

If you find that nitro coffee and tea in keg is inspiring, how would you feel about making it with your brand of coffee?

With our co-branded private label, keg production, you can leverage our knowledge and patented brewing process paired with your ingredients to produce nitro coffee and tea in kegs exclusively for your own selling.

Let your customers experience the wonderful cascading, nitro foam and smooth silky taste produced with your brand of coffee or tea ingredients.

At Bona Fide we offer private kegging service called the Bona Fide Alliance Program. It is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to serve expertly made nitro coffee or tea under their own brand, without going through the complex process of making it themselves.

Our Alliance program is best for those who are seeking to expand their business by offering their own nitro coffee and tea products using their own  label and/ or ingredients in collaboration with Bona Fide's genius.

With our Bona Fide Alliance, brand collaboration, we will provide an R&D samples for you to taste and chose and then we badge it with your brand on the keg collar and the tap handle. 

Contact us for a customized quote and an explanation of our low minimums, options and terms. Please mention “Bona Fide Alliance” in your inquiry.


Trusted Collaboration

We have Alliance partnerships in place with several companies. Through our Bona Fide Alliance Program, we facilitate these partners (large or small) to enter the rapidly growing on-tap, nitro coffee market quickly. By leveraging our technical resources and distributor network with their brand and ingredients we create a win/win partnership that allows them to expand into nitro while focusing on their core business.

A sample of the trusted coffee/tea brands we work with are listed below.  Some of these nitro coffees and teas are also available directly from us or through our coffee distributor network. If you are interested in either pouring these brands, or joining them by offering your own brand, contact us and we will facilitate an introduction and help you learn about integration options.

CULT Artisan Beverage Company - Phenix, AZ
10 Speed Coffee - Los Angeles, CA
Boyer's Coffee | Rocky Mountain Slow Roasted in Denver, CO
Caveman Coffee Co. -  
Dune Coffee Roasters - Santa Barbara, CA
Esselon Artisan Coffee Roasters Premium Coffee Beans & Teas
Caribbean Coffee Company - Goleta, CA
Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea - Santa Fe, NM
Libra Coffee - Ocean Side, CA
Sudbury Coffee Works | Coffee Roaster & Café  - Sudbury, MA
Low Pigeon Coffee Roasters 

Bona Fide Nitro Coffee facilites produce keg healthy and safe