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Best Nitro Coffee & Tea Kegs Here!

What is nitro coffee explain by Bona Fide

Bona Fide Nitro Coffee & Tea

Just when you’re looking to offer a new experience in coffee drinking, Bona Fide Nitro Coffee and Tea Kegs come along!

NO Special Training or Barista Needed, Just Pull the Tap Handle!

Portable, Easy Maintenance

ZERO Waste

Extremely Satisfactory Delight, Healthy & NO Additives!

Served HOT or COLD & Suitable for Coffee Bars, Offices, Restaurants & Event Centers. Offer your patrons a unique, velvety, coffee experience, poured from a draft tap!

Love And Appreciation From Our Customers


 So What Is Really A Nitro Coffee?


Unprecedented Preservation of Each Coffee's Unique Flavor & Aroma 

Respecting the Work of Farm & Roaster and Protecting it to The Customers’ Cup!

We know exactly what makes a great cup of coffee or tea. While it has a lot to do with how it’s grown, processed, transported and roasted, the way it’s prepared just before consumption is a very important factor.

Surprisingly, up to 50% of Cold Brew and drip coffee gets poured down the drain due to bad taste as a result of poor preparation and holding techniques. Bona Fide's Craft Draft Process and dispense solutions help to eliminate this waste.


All In Good Taste!

Craft Draft Kegs Are The Solution


The Craft Draft brewing and packaging process preserves the taste and quality of the coffee and tea packaged in kegs. Our products are infused with nitrogen gas and are dispensed at the pull of the tap handle, just like beer.  The result is great tasting coffee and tea that can be dispensed fast, efficiently and on demand, both cold or hot, while yielding unsurpassed flavor and aroma.

Bona Fide's Craft Draft process, protects coffee (and tea) from its number one enemy, oxygen, throughout the entire brew process.  A high temperature step, at just the right moment, helps to extracts the good stuff, while eliminating biological contamination and without compromising flavor.

The outcome? Truly great tasting coffee conveniently dispensed from shelf-stable kegs that, when tapped, yield the the flavors and aromas that the farmer and roaster intended and that the coffee consumer wants.

What We Offer

There are plenty of ways we can help your business or office

  • Nitro Coffee & Tea KEGS
  • Hot and Cold Coffee Dispensers
  • Private Kegging Service
Bone Fide Beg In Keg alone
Nitro Coffee despenser countertop machine Bona Fide
Bone Fide Beg In Keg alone

Nitro Coffee & Tea for Offices & Workspaces

The secret to what makes your team tick could be in how they spend their Coffee Break! 

Increase productivity and foster better relationships with coffee and tea that they will enjoy!

Stop waiting for drinks that require lengthy and complicated preparation.

Sidestep the tension of standing in line.

Enjoy more time sipping and talking with a satisfied & caffeinated team.

It is well understood that after a coffee break, workers become more creative and productive.  

It is even better when they have some compelling drinks to look forward to on the menu.

Besides being convenient and always ready to pour, draft coffees and teas are also

stimulating, healthy & pleasing beverage choices that the entire team will appreciate!

Bona Fide makes it very easy to provide this great break room experience for your people.

With a continuous supply of nitro coffee and tea kegs from our web-store or one of our Office Coffee Distributors, your workplace will be soon be buzzing with productivity and smiles. 


Nitro Coffee Kegs In Coffee Shops

If your coffee bar needs a pick-me-up, there is never been a better time to add a nitro coffee dispenser that pours coffee from a draft tap ...just like beer!

Demand for nitro coffee and tea on tap in coffee stops is growing fast. 

And since nitro coffee & tea are such cool, healthy and refreshing beverages, what's not to like?

With our counter top nitro dispensing system and 3 different styles of kegs, you’ll be able to start

serving nitro coffee and tea to your customers quickly, with confidence, ease and profitability.

Our modern, countertop cooler systems are simple to set up, require little maintenance and will have you pouring in minutes. It’s never been  easier to offer delicious nitro beverages without special training and complicated SOPs.

How To Get The Tap System And Kegs

You have two options how to purchase.

either BUY NOW from our website,  

or fill out our contact form and our sales representative

will contact you, discuss your specific needs and assist you with your purchase.

Steps to take to purchase from our webstore


Select a nitro tap system from our webstore. Choose from single or double faucet cold machines and/or a dual faucet, Hot Nitro dispenser.


Choose from a wide variety of nitro coffee and tea kegs on our menu. Checkout online and receive your order a  few days later.


Receive the products and install them following a few simple set-up steps.  Turn on the dispenser & start serving nitro coffee in mere seconds!

Save Money By Ordering Our Start-up Package


Nitro Coffee for Large Events & Stadiums

Nitrogen-infused coffee and tea kegs are super convenient at events and stadiums. With simple set-up and break-down, its easy to pour HOT and COLD Nitro Coffee for hundreds or even thousands of guests, without the complicated brewing and preparation steps of traditional coffee. Our PET and BIK kegs are easy to store and handle and simple to change out and dispose of. There has never been  a more convenient way to serve authentic specialty coffee and tea from almost any location.

Benefits of Nitro Cold Brew

Real Coffee Taste

Bona Fide's Craft Draft Process highlights the true taste characteristics of the coffee & teas that we obtain from the coffee and tea artisans who supply us.

Tasting  beyond the creamy head of foam and the cascading display of bubbles, lie the natural and delicious flavors of really great coffee & tea.

Whether you favor chocolatey, sweet, fruity, nutty or citrus undertones, Bona Fide has varieties that will appeal to you! 

Visual Sensation

Watching a smooth, foamy, Nitro Beverage poured fresh from the tap like a glass of Guinness stout is an event in itself. The visual appeal of nitro coffee or tea, cascading in a glass as its passed across the counter, sells the beverage before guests even know what it it.

Try it cold or hot, you won’t need a lot of convincing!

Boosts Productivity
in the Office

Everyone tends to become less productive and slump during afternoon meetings. A quick and delicious caffeine drink brimming with restorative taste and guilt-free nutrient contents is what everyone needs. Providing employees with a fun way to enjoy office breaks boosts productivity

No Messy Prep, Zero Waste

Prepare cold and hot nitro brew without any mess, zero waste, and easy to clean lines.

Easy to Install & Prepare

Coffee Was Almost Getting Boring 

Until Nitro Coffee Was Invented!

John Goerke Bona Fide

Meet John Goerke, the man behind the
invention the Craft Draft Process of brewing nitro coffee.

“After running a successful coffee roasting and distribution business for 32 years, I got tired of roasting great tasting coffee, delivering it to my customers, and watching them destroy it!"

"I saw a need for coffee to be transformed in the way it’s delivered and dispensed in food services and office outlets.

a few years ago, I invented an innovative method to eliminate the x-factors that ruin the taste of coffee. It’s called the Craft Draft process.

Bona Fide Nitro Coffee Tea is brewed in advanced, packaged in kegs, and pressurized with pure nitrogen gas. When it gets to the customers, it gets poured like beer or wine, from pulling the tap-handle. The results? It tastes great, just like I intended it to.

Bona Fide Nitro requires no special preparations at the dispensing point. With those factors eliminated, there’s no barista necessary. The service staff only needs to pull the tap handle to serve profoundly great tasting hot or cold coffee.

Our new hot nitro coffee machine. It’s a game-changer, the first instrument to pour hot nitro coffee tea from a keg”

Meet Our Hot and Cold Coffee Dispensers

We’ve got specialized dispensers ready to
serve a wide audience of both hot or cold brew lovers!

World’s 1st Hot Nitro Coffee Dispenser

Never run out of delicious HOT Coffee. The worlds first solid state Hot Nitro Coffee Dispenser is here!

Consumes minimal space, has attractive and cool aesthetics, footprint measures only 11.5 inches width x 21 inches deep.

Eliminates messy preparation steps, zero waste, easy to serve.

Dual voltage settings to handle various volume demands (110v. or 220v.).

Simple cleaning protocols for lines and faucets, seamless to clean and maintain.


Countertop Cold Coffee Flash Chiller Dispenser


Clean, food-safe stainless steel Countertop Flash Chiller for dispensing Cold Nitro Coffee & Tea on demand

Small footprint of 7 inches W x 11 inches D

Optional built-in air compressor for BIK style kegs that require no external N2

For standard steel or PET kegs, N2 gas, regulator are required

Portable and easy to set up, 110v., suitable for home, office and enterprise


Already have a keg system installed?

No problem we are happy to make sure that you never run out of the product.
Bona Fide Nitro Coffee proudly offers several of our products in a UPS friendly PET disposable keg. We can ship 5 gallons of our products via UPS anywhere in the USA.

Hair Raiser Nitro Coffee by Bona Fide

Hair Raiser® Organic

Our signature dark roast with rich, velvety, dark coffee with a tinge of pineapple sourced from Africa & Indonesia

Espresso Organic

A true Italian beverage with a strong, delicious flavor producing Crema Magnifica on tap.

Esspreso-Nitro-Coffee-by Bona Fide
Nitro Coffee Ethiopia image for website

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Organic

Authentic Ethiopian nitro coffee with floral, bright citrus flavor, plus the taste of toasted coconut and sweet lemon.

Peru Organic

Has an original medium roast finish on a smooth, caramel flavor and notes of cookies and pecan pie.

Peru Nitro Coffee by Bona Fide
Guatemala Nitro Coffee By Bona Fide

Guatemala Organic

Has a taste of smoky, caramel Guatamela finish of cold brew in a keg. A true taste of Guatemalan coffee - creamy-like with notes of lime and cilantro, honey, and fruits.

100% Kona Extra Fancy

Authentic Hawaiian taste and the Cadillac of coffee; has a sweet and fruity flavor with notes of plum, brown sugar, and macadamia nuts.

Kona Fancy Nitro Coffee by Bona Fide
Vanilla Nitro Coffee Bona Fide

Organic Vanilla Nitro Coffee

Get a rich smell of natural vanilla and flavor that complements roasted organic coffee from Guatemala.

Decaf Mexico

Smooth, creamy with notes of tropical nuts and dried fruits. Has a chocolatey flavor and tinge of acidity that compliments its robust texture and finish.

Decaf-Mexico-Nitro-Coffee-Bona Fide Nitro Coffee and Tea


Cascara coffee cherry nitro tea by Bona Fide in PET keg

Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea

A fusion of dried cherry and naturally sweet sugar, the Cascara coffee cherry tea has a sweet, fruity flavor with notes of hibiscus, red currant, cherry, and rosehip.

Green Citrus Nitro Tea

Has a refreshing citrus lemon flavor with a tinge of ginger and lemongrass.

Nitro Tea green citrus organic in PET keg by Bona Fide

Organic Passion Fruit Tea

Has an exotic taste and fragrance of passion fruit, orange pekoe, calendula, rose flowers, and natural flavoring.

Organic Hibiscus Tea

Filled with antioxidants, flowery taste, organic hibiscus, and tangy flavor that delights the taste buds.

Hibuiscuis Nitro tea By Bona Fide

Organic Mango Tea

Has a unique and refreshing flavor with calendula, mango essence, and orange pekoe tea in one keg.

With Or Without Nitrogen Options

Private Kegging Service

For easy business collaboration, partner with us for a private labeling/kegging service!

Our private kegging service lets you serve our delicious nitro coffee and tea without needing to set up the nitro tap system. With our Bona Fide Alliance Program, you’ll be entitled to get monthly kegs ready to be served to customers.

With our collaboration, you’ll be provided with a product sample for tasting, badging it with your own brand on the collar and tap handle.

Flexibility Available in 3 Types of Kegs

Choose among these keg options according to your preference.

PET Sankey-D Keg

Portable, lightweight and easy-to-use

Environmentally-friendly and recyclable

No required reverse logistics

PET new with logo Bona Fide

Bag-In-Keg (BIK) System

Flexible storage solution

Available for use with no external nitrogen gas

Easy to install and pour in just minutes

Bone Fide Beg In Keg alone

Stainless Steel Sankey-D Keg

Best food service quality

Free keg returns

No keg deposits