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What is nitro coffee explain by Bona Fide

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What Is Nitro Coffee - Draft Cold Brew Coffee Dispense From Tap

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In simple terms, Draft Nitro / Cold Brew coffee is  coffee that has been brewed, packaged in a keg and then pressurized with 3 bars (45 psi) of nitrogen gas. It is then dispensed from a draft tap, similar to  how draught (draft) beer is dispensed.

Nitrogen is a natural occurring gas that makes up 78% of the air we breath. It is inert, has no affect on taste and acts as a natural preservative.

When infused and pressurized into a keg of coffee, it protects the flavor and allows the coffee to dispense from the keg into a clear glass, with a beautiful presentation akin to creamy pour of stout beer.

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How Many Coffee Addicts Are You Supplying With Draft Coffee?


Between 0 - 100 people at my office, house, man cave, food truck, support group, club, etc will drink draft coffee.

Note: a 5 Gal (19 L)  keg pours 80 servings

Over 100

Over 100 people (or customers) at my company, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, stadium, event will drink draft coffee

Note: a 5 Gal (19 L)  keg pours 80 servings


Draft Nitro (Or Still) Coffee For Small Business/ Office/ Shop - Up to 100 People

Are You Planning On Having External Nitrogen Supply?

To clarify the question:

An external nitrogen supply requires finding a local provider of nitrogen gas, make an agreement with them, get delivered your nitrogen (usually 10L - 20L bottles), and plan on periodic refills. One bottle dispenses 5 - 10 kegs depending on the fill size.

Finding a local provider is not difficult and maybe done through internet search. Companies such as. Air Gas, Linde, Air Liquide and numerous smaller suppliers, supply N2, CO2, Beer Gas and Argon gas to businesses for all sorts of beverage dispensing. Also available are free standing Nitrogen Generators which create N2 gas on demand by stripping it from the air.

The advantage of having external nitrogen supply is that when connected to a coffee keg, the  coffee will constantly be getting more nitrogenated over time. This produces a consistent pour of premium, fine bubble cascade,  throughout the whole 5gal coffee dispensing experience. And external supply also facilitates adding additional N2 infusion hardware to the dispensing system to hyper nitrogen ate the coffee too, if that is interesting to you.

Inquire through our contact page for more information about Nitrogen Generators or Nitrogen Infusers.

If any of this sound too scary, complicated or involved to you, we have another, simpler and easier solutions for you.

Bona Fide offers a special Bag-In-Keg (BIK), disposable PET keg with a separate a bag inside that holds fully infused nitro coffee. When the BIK is pressurized with air (or any pressurized beverage gas) the bag is squeezed and dispenses the product without mixing the propellent gas into the beverage. Bona Fide offers easy to set-up, counter-top dispensing machines that have their own built in air compressor that serves this purpose and eliminates the need for an external N2 Gas supply.

Yes External Nitrogen

Yes, I am planning to have an external nitrogen supply (either bottle or N2 generator).

Yes, I have an external nitrogen tank that is regularly refilled by my beverage gas provider.

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No External Nitrogen

No, I want the simplest solution with the least amount of equipment necessary.

No, I don't want to deal with external, pressurized N2 gas 


Plug & Play BIK Nitro Coffee Solution - No Nitrogen External Tank Needed

PLUG & PLAY Out Of The Box In 10 MINUTES

Here is your best nitro/still cold brew coffee solution.

Step 1

Purchase the plug and play starter kit and choose the first flavor of the keg... The first keg is on us!


Step 2

Receive your plug and play starter set, follow easy set up instructions to serve delicious draft coffee & tea in minutes.

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Step 3

Reorder a new coffee or tea keg from our selection of great tasting draft & nitro coffee & tea.

Reorder on our Nitro Coffee Store and save.

Nitro Coffee in Pet Kegs for offices, home and shops in our eshop Bona Fide

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Plug And Play PET Keg Draft/ Nitro Coffee Solution - REQUIRES External Nitrogen Gas

PLUG & PLAY PET Keg Starter Kit

Here is your best nitro/ draft coffee or tea solution.

Step 1

Purchase the plug and play start kit and choose the first flavor of the keg... The first keg is on us!

Starter-Set-Plug-And-Play-Bona-Fide PET Version

Step 2

Receive your plug and play starter kit and follow the easy set up instructions to serve delicious nitro/ draft coffee/ tea in minutes.

Step 3

Reorder a new coffee or tea keg from our selection of great tasting draft & nitro coffee & tea.

Reorder on our Nitro Coffee Store and save.

Nitro Coffee in Pet Kegs for offices, home and shops in our eshop Bona Fide

Reorder on our Amazon Store. (Only USA)

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Nitro Coffee in Pet Kegs for offices, home and shops in our eshop Bona Fide

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Would you prefer custom draft /nitro coffee or tea kegs made to order, using your  ingredients?    


Draft Nitro/ Flat Coffee & Tea For Enterprise Businesses /Offices /Hotels /Stadiums & Restaurants - Over 100 Drinkers 

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Benefits Of Our Nitro/ Cold Brew and Draft Coffee/ Tea

Real Coffee Taste

Bona Fide's Craft Draft Process, highlights the authentic taste characteristics of each artisanal coffee & tea ingredient we use.

Tasting beyond the creamy head of foam and the cascading display of bubbles lies the natural and delicious flavors. These tastes are unique to each coffee & tea and are unaffected by the effects of oxidation and poor handling typical of most cold brew preparations.

Whether you favor chocolatey, sweet, fruity, nutty or citrus undertones, Bona Fide has exceptional varieties that will appeal to you! 

Visual Sensation

Watching a smooth, foamy, Nitro Beverage poured fresh from the tap like a glass of Guinness stout is an event in itself. The visual appeal of nitro coffee or tea, cascading in a glass as its passed across the counter, sells the beverage before guests even know what it tastes like.

Enjoy it once cold or hot and you won’t need more convincing!

Boosts Productivity
In The Office

Everyone can become less productive as the day wears on. A quick and delicious glass of nitro coffee or tea drink, brimming with its subtle and natural restorative characteristics, can perk people up and provide a positive break-time experience that elevates the entire productivity of the office.

No Messy Prep, Zero Waste

Cold and hot draft nitro coffee and tea can be served without complicated preparation steps, no mess, zero waste, and easy to maintain dispensers.

Easy to Install, prepare and use!