A Touch of Vanilla to Your Nitro Coffee

The distinct flavor of coffee -earthy, robust, aromatic - is something that most of us coffee drinkers crave for. But the great thing about coffee is its versatility. There are at least a hundred and one ways of enjoying your favorite morning drink. Nitro cold brew coffee’s natural sweetness and velvety smooth finish go so well with different combinations of flavors, one of which is vanilla.

Enjoying the Sweet Taste of Vanilla in Nitro Coffee

A Touch of Vanilla to Your Nitro Coffee

Vanilla is one of the most popular (and healthiest) coffee add-ons and it’s not surprising that this spice is very popular among coffee drinkers. The earthy, rich flavor of coffee goes so well with the sweet, creamy taste of vanilla.

You can transform the taste of your regular nitro coffee with vanilla extract for a sweet, satisfying finish or get the flavored vanilla nitro coffee for a fuss-free morning or afternoon drink.

If you are making your own vanilla coffee, try to get fresh vanilla bean or pure vanilla extract instead of the cheap, processed extract. Just slice the vanilla bean in the middle, scrape off the vanilla beans and add these to the brew. The longer you keep the vanilla beans in your brew, the stronger the flavor will be.

But if you cannot find vanilla beans or you have no time to customize your own nitro brew, you can always buy flavored nitro coffee. This way, you don’t have to prep the coffee, a cup is ready to serve in seconds.

3 Health Benefits of Vanilla in Nitro Coffee

Nitro Coffee Packed with Antioxidants 

The sweet, sugary flavor of vanilla is not only the perfect partner to nitro coffee, it also adds a nutritious punch to the drink. As a superfood, vanilla is packed with antioxidants that protect healthy cells from free radical damage. It’s touted for boosting mental performance and improve overall brain health. Coffee is also rich in antioxidants, more than tea and chocolate. When combined with vanilla, nitro coffee becomes a healthy drink.

Coffee that Relieves an Upset Stomach

Vanilla is traditionally used to soothe an upset stomach. Used as a healthy add-on in nitro coffee, vanilla may actually ease stomach cramps. Note too, that coffee drinking has sometimes been associated with acid reflux and stomach aches. However, research has indicated that these symptoms are likely associated with other digestive problems and hot coffee (often with milk) tends to exacerbate the problem.

A Soothing Brew Coffee

Drinking a cup of vanilla nitro coffee helps improving one’s sense of well-being, while subtly increasing one’s energy levels naturally. The invigorating smell of coffee combined with the sweet flavor of vanilla makes vanilla nitro coffee the perfect drink for an afternoon pick-up-me-up.

Enjoying the Sweet Taste of Vanilla in Nitro Coffee

Healthy DIY Coffee Creamer?

Purists like their coffee black as night. But if you’re the type who loves to use cream or creamer in their coffee, yet are wary of the extra calories, try adding a little coconut creamer to your cup of vanilla nitro coffee. The combination of vanilla and coconut creamer is similar in taste with regular coffee creamers but contains fewer calories. Coconut cream enhances the creamy mouthfeel of nitro coffee, elevating your coffee experience in the healthiest way possible.

As you can see, a little vanilla in your nitro coffee goes a long, long way! If you don’t mind the extra preparation, you can customize your plain nitro coffee with pure vanilla or choose nitro coffee flavored with vanilla for a more balanced play of flavors and textures.

Our vanilla nitro coffee offers the perfect blend of natural vanilla flavor and lightly roasted Guatemala coffee. It’s soothing, satisfying, and sweet! You’ll love the floral start and the delectable notes of honey for a subtle yet satisfying finish.