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Hot Coffee & Tea Rental 

Mobile Barista Service in Europe

Looking for Mobile Barista Service in Europe?

You're in the right place!

  • Just Tap & Pour!
  • No burnt taste, fresh taste every pour
  • Pour premium coffee on demand from the draft tap
  • FREE 19L Keg (make as many as 80 fresh servings!)
  • Perfect for events like weddings, school events, birthday parties, corporate events

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Try Europe's First Hot Nitro Coffee Mobile Rental Service

Did you know? Coffee first arrived in Europe in 1515. 

Just 2 years later, Martin Luther sparked the Reformation

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We now bring you the latest Brewvolution with

Europe's First Mobile Coffee Service For rent.



It's a new renaissance in your cup! 

 Perfect For Events, Production Sets & Short Term Projects

Where you want guests to espresso themselves with style

Nitro keg cooler with variety of coffee and tea
production set
stadium events

Where every sip is a sip into history, and every event becomes a revolutionarily fun gathering

Make That 3-Day Hot Nitro Coffee Rental

Brewing Excellence at Your Event with Our Hot Nitro Coffee Mobile Service

Experience the thrill of our unique Mobile Hot Nitro Coffee & Tea Bar at your next event. We are here to make your gatherings unforgettable with our top-quality beverages, brewed to perfection.

Introducing the revolutionary Hot Nitro Coffee Dispenser, a game-changer for coffee enthusiasts across Europe.

Say goodbye to the all-too-common experience of a great first cup followed by increasingly sour and bitter subsequent servings!

Bona Fide Nitro Coffee serving on festival

No More Bitter-Tasting, Burnt, Reheated Coffee. Just Absolute, Pleasurable Taste!

We understand the frustration. You reheat your coffee, hoping for that same rich flavor, only to be met with a bitter taste, reminiscent of a Shakespearean tragedy. Whether it's microwaved or reheated on the stove, the result is invariably the same: a loss of that perfect first cup's magic.

What sets the Hot Nitro Coffee Dispenser apart? Every cup it brews is a masterpiece of flavor, strikingly less acidic and virtually devoid of bitterness.

Imagine having your event with a beverage that's not just plain old reheated coffee, but a creamy, smooth experience, visually enhanced as it cascades elegantly down your glass.

The Bona Fide Hot Coffee Dispenser is not just about brewing coffee; it's about crafting an experience. It prepares hot nitro coffee on demand, ensuring each serving is fresh and at the ideal temperature.


Let Your Guests Experience The Finer Things in Life

Bona Fide Nitro Coffee and Tea makes it so.  We package 19L (5 Gals) kegs of nitro coffee & tea in specialized kegs that can be served using a draft dispensing system, similar to that of beer.

Our kegs come filled with freshly brewed coffee/ tea which is infused with pressurized nitrogen gas to 3 bars of pressure. Once coupled to the dispensing system, the nitro coffee/tea keg is ready to be used until the keg is empty. 

The recyclable empty keg can then be deflated with one easy step and disposed of or recycled like a PET bottle.  

Hot Nitro Coffee Bona Fide best solution

...Ooh là là 


Your upcoming event is just about to get more fun and less boring

What You'll Get With This Equipment Rental Service


Double Faucet Hot Nitro Coffee Dispenser

  • Constant supply of great-tasting HOT Nitro Coffee with the pull of a tap-handle
  • No messy preparation, zero waste
  • Small, attractive countertop design
  • 11.5 inches x 21 inches (including drip tray)
  • Easy to clean with standard beverage line cleaning protocols
  • Flexible design with dual voltage 110-220V capability
  • Food and electric safety listed for EU & NA
Bone Fide Beg In Keg alone

1 FREE Keg

  • 1 19L Keg Makes 80 Fresh Servings of your choice coffee or tea
  • Polykegs are ANY GAS kegs with Sankey D coupler. You can dispense using ANY gas, or even a party pump. Works with systems dispensing Kombucha. CO2 OK.

Event Equipment Rental - 3 day Rental Includes 1 Keg

Pricing: 5000 CZK

Here's How Easy It Works

PLUG & PLAY Out Of The Box In 10 MINUTES

See detailed step-by-step guide below


Step 1

Rent the plug and play Hot Coffee Service and choose the first flavor of the keg... The first keg is on us!


Step 2

Receive your plug and play starter set, follow easy set up instructions to serve delicious draft coffee & tea in minutes.

Bona Fide Nitro Coffee And Tea Keg BIK Set Hot Cold Machine New

Step 3

Start serving to your guests at a party, play production, wedding, etc.

Nitro Coffee in Pet Kegs for offices, home and shops in our eshop Bona Fide

It's Extremely Convenient... 

Start Pouring 5 Minutes After Plugging The Machine!

Why Us?

180 Day Shelf Stable Kegs

No Refrigerated Storage Needed

Store kegs at ambient temperature. Enjoy their fresh taste flavor We are the only one on the market with this stability.

Proprietary Brewing Technology

Bona Fide Kegs contain no additives, preservatives or stabilizers. Only coffee, water and nitrogen gas. 

Our specialized brewing technology  locks the fresh flavor into the keg where it remains good until the last drop is squeezed from the draft tap.  

Brand Collaboration

Would you lie to have your own brand of nitro coffee or  tea kegs?   Enroll in our Bona Fide Alliance program and we will produce your own custom coffee and tea  kegs for you using your brand of ingredients. Reasonable order minimums apply.

Hot And Cold Countertop Dispensers

Flash chill or flash heat, countertop dispensers are the easiest way to pour nitro coffee & tea.  They take only minutes to set up and very easy to use.  They can  be oriented as water facing or customer facing for self serve pouring if you so choose.



Bona Fide Is A Game Changer!

Chef Gage, Founder of Collision Cuisine & former Chef at the Chopra Center for Well Being in La Jolla, CA

No more bitter cowboy coffee tears for us. We kept eight thousand people happily caffeinated for 136 hours straight and never had to deal with an airpot or even grind any coffee. Bona Fide your my hero! I’ll never go back to old-school coffee preparation now that I have Bona Fide nitro in my quiver.

Our Appreciation...

Disruptive Innovation Is Often Defined As The Kind Of Innovation That Creates New Markets.


As a business, they have such a high ethic that we are now migrating all coffee and tea products to them. Their products have thus far been unparalleled for taste, appearance, satisfaction and (most importantly) value.
Having the innovative new keg delivery system helps keep us as forefront as possible with cutting edge food trends and delivers a quality product that is second to none. It is so good that we have to battle our employees to stop drinking too much before we open the doors (the keg coffee has ruined me for any other cold or iced coffee). We want to try to get the coffee in the same tap area as our beers some time this year because we think that customer will really enjoy this unique option. Our opinion is that their products and services are an integral part of our concessions mix and we think that by providing a well-rounded coffee and tea product from Bona Fide we’ll increase our sales and have happier customers.


We are very excited to get into our second year with Bona Fide Brewing Company

Eric Shiflett, Program Director,

Santa Barbara Bowl

We are very excited to get into our second year with Bona Fide Brewing Company. As a business, they have such a high ethic that we are now migrating all coffee and tea products to them. Their products have thus far been unparalleled for taste, appearance, satisfaction and (most importantly) value


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