Cold Brew Nitro Coffee

What is the Difference Between Cold Brew and Cold Brewed?

      The term Cold brew was traditionally used to refer to coffee that has been made using cold water only. Over time, this term has evolved to become a loose term. Nowadays, it is used to refer to cold-coffee methods.

      Cold-brewed coffee utilizes cold water during the brewing process and it has to be refrigerated or held at ambient temperature throughout the entire brewing process. This type of coffee is usually prepared by steeping coarse-to-medium ground coffee in cold water for about 12 hours or more. After that, the coffee grounds are then filtered to obtain coffee that does not have any sediments.

      Instead of utilizing heat to extract coffee’s sugar, oils, and caffeine, cold-brewed coffee utilizes time. Cold-brewed coffee can take up to a period of 24 hours to prepare. Generally, cold-brewed coffee will have a short shelf life. This means that it is likely to become sour quickly. This is usually as a result of microbiological contamination during the handling process.

     Our cold brew, on the other hand, is free from this contamination. It is not technically ‘cold-brewed’ since we employ a hot step in the process. This step involves heating the coffee to a temperature that is well above the minimum pasteurization temperatures and contact times. This is a step eliminates microbiological contaminations, ensures that our coffee has a longer shelf-life and that it is safe for consumption. We call our process that we the Craft Draft method since it differs from the traditional cold-brewed process. It has the taste qualities and characteristics that you will expect in a really fine cup of coffee. Our hot step does not compromise taste. It actually accentuates the flavor extraction, improves the quality of the cold-brew and makes it much safer than the traditionally cold-brewed coffee.