Nitro Coffee in Time of COVID-19 Pandemic How Safe is it

The nature of COVID-19 has changed the way businesses prepare and serve food, including coffee.

The way that coffee was served before the health crisis was very tactile; the barista would use his hands to grind, brew, prepare, and serve the coffee. These days, however, the possibility of COVID-19 transmissions is very high and this presents new challenges to businesses and customers on how to prepare and consume coffee.

Because COVID-19 is highly infections, most people are wary of acquiring the virus through close contact with their friendly, neighborhood barista. Which begs the question: can the coronavirus be transmitted or acquired through coffee or coffee packaging?

Although there is a possibility that COVID-19 could be transmitted through coffee packaging, the risk is extremely low, according to the CDC. Coffee itself is not considered as a means of coronavirus transmission. If you love coffee as much as we do then you don’t have to worry about acquiring the dreaded disease through the coffee packaging alone.


Nitro Coffee in Covid 19 and how safe it is


How is Nitro Coffee in Kegs Safer than Cupping?

Despite the low risk of viral transmission, not all people are fine with the old ways of coffee preparation. If you are still bothered about COVID-19 exposure and spread, we highly suggest buy nitro coffee stored in kegs. Nitro coffee served in kegs is hygienic, it preserves the full flavor of the brew and it protects the properties that make nitro coffee so beneficial to your health. Why? Let’s find out:


Nitro Coffee Zero Preparation

Coffee is typically served after various stages of preparation. And this goes regardless if you are a business owner who’s buying coffee in bulk or a barista preparing a cuppa joe for a customer. And usually, preparing coffee requires handling the product. If that’s something that bothers you, you should definitely opt for nitro coffee stored in kegs.

Nitro cold brew coffee in a keg is ready-to-drink. The brew is complete, it does not require further preparation or dilution. Bona Fide nitro coffee, in particular, is fully nitrogenated when stored in kegs so no nitrogen post-infusion is needed before serving the coffee.

Because the nitro coffee does not require additional preparation, you don’t have to worry about contamination once the coffee is served.


Less Mess, Less Cross-Contamination

Dispensing nitro coffee in a keg is easy breezy. Just hook the keg up, pull the tab, and out pours delicious nitro coffee into the waiting glass. No mess, no drips, no chances of cross-contamination. In fact, the contact between the server and the coffee is very minimal and as long as the cup of coffee was passed by clean hands, there’s absolutely no need to worry about germs getting in the way of your coffee break!


Covid 19 and Nitro Coffee how safe it is


Nitro Coffee in Time of COVID-19

Nitro coffee is safe to drink despite the current health crisis. The way it is prepared inhibits the growth and spread of germs.

Bona Fide coffee is fully pasteurized. The coffee is also packaged clean and germ-free using a keg with a modified atmosphere of nitrogen gas.

As for the containers themselves, the kegs are deep cleaned using germ-killing yet non-toxic cleansing agents in an FDA and USDA certified facility. The facility itself is routinely cleaned and sanitized to prevent cross-contamination of any kind. All Bona Fide Nitro Coffee employees adhere to strict safety guidelines to promote food safety and cleanliness.

Proof that Bona Fide coffee is clean, safe, and healthy for you is its stable shelf life. Bona Fide Nitro Coffee has a shelf life of 120+ days, the longest on the market right now. The absence of germs in Bona Fide nitro coffee is an important part of the secret to its market-leading shelf life!




Nitro coffee is prized for its velvety smooth mouthfeel and full flavor. Storing nitro coffee in a keg keeps the product fresh and delicious while making the coffee safer and better than your ordinary brewed coffee. In these times of uncertainty, it’s great to know that serving nitro coffee will be the least of your problems.