First, let's see what are the current accepted health benefits of drinking coffee...

      So, knowing all the positive health benefits,  let's get to our next question.

      Is nitro coffee healthy? Yes, nitro coffee is considered to be a healthy drink due to primary ingredient, coffee. Basically, nitro coffee is a cold coffee brew which has been infused with N2 gas, also known as nitrogen. Nitrogen is a safe inert gas that makes up 78% of the air we breath. It acts as a preserving agent to the coffee and is also used as a pressurized propellent for nitro coffee dispensed from kegs. Straight black nitro coffee contains no milk, sugar or alcohol. It has caffeine levels similar to other coffee drinks of comparable brew strength. Since nitro coffee is mostly consumed cold, consumers are adopting the drink because it has all of the benefits that traditional hot coffee is down for plus the refreshment factor of a cold beverage.

      Many studies have been done on coffee demonstrating numerous health benefits from it’s consumption. For example, in one study, drinking coffee was linked to a lower risk of heart failure and coronary heart disease. The results of this and other studies can be extended to nitro coffee too. Some of these include: boosted physical and mental performance shortly after consumption. Consumers report increased alertness as well as increased after-burn effects (metabolic rate), which enable a person to continue to burn calories in his or her body after undertaking a vigorous exercise. Additionally, nitro coffee increases the flow of blood to the brain by dilating the capillaries in the body. This facilitates cognitive function and on a larger scale can reduce the risk of stroke. An ordinary cup of hot coffee also has this same impact. However, cold nitro coffee is more convenient to consume at warmer times of the day when hot coffee is impractical or uncomfortable.

      Consumption of nitro coffee reduces the cognitive and motor deficits the brain and gives a mild boost to psycho-motor activities and working memory performance. This may explain why nitro coffee is popular on college campuses, especially during finals week.

      Nitro coffee is healthy due to its high level of antioxidants too. When compared to cocoa, tea and other common beverages, touted for high levels of antioxidants, coffee comes out on top. A glass of nitro coffee contains considerable amounts of these antioxidants which enables the body to fight toxicity as well as protecting it from damage caused by free radicals.

      Nitro coffee, like traditional hot coffee, when consumed black and without any additives, can be consumed by people sensitive to sugar or dairy and can be consumed by persons watching their sugar intake or those with diseases such as diabetes. Nitro coffee boasts a unique sweet, creamy, rich mouth feel which enhances it’s flavor without the added calories of cream and sugar. That feature is a result of the nitrogen infusion, and it is an attractive characteristic to anyone who wants to limit their dairy and sugar intake but doesn’t typically like to drink straight black coffee.

      In short, nitro coffee is a healthy and sophisticated evolution of the worlds favorite beverage, coffee.

      Bona Fide Brewing Company is a nitro coffee producer with an Award winning technology for brewing nitro coffee and  preserving it at optimal flavor in kegs.

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